Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

We had a quiet Sunday. I was going to take Boogs to the sandbox/sprinkler park but my car would not start. So, our plans ended up changing. We had lunch at one of Boogs' favorite restaurants, Chuy's. Boogs practically drinks the creamy jalapeno dip. When he was little, I gave him Corn Chex to dip in the creamy jalapeno because I did not want him eating the tortilla chips. He still prefers to eat creamy jalapeno and his salsa with Corn Chex.

After lunch, we ran a few errands. My husband told Boogs he could get a treat at the grocery store. Typical boy! Boogs chose a type of candy called the "Sour Flush". It had two lollipop "plungers" that you can dip into a toilet bowl filled with sour candy powder. Boogs LOVED it. Why are boys so attracted to such gross things?

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