Thursday, August 26, 2010

Music Monday Preschool Camp

I got a little behind on my posts. Our summer is officially over this week. I go back to work at the Mother's Day Out program on Monday. We have had our last two Monday Preschool Camps at my house. Boogs has already told me he misses them and wants to keep having his friends over every Monday.

For Music week, we read Lentil by Robert McCloskey. It is a cute book about a town preparing for a visit by a VIP. One of the town's citizens tries to spoil the celebration by sucking on lemons to make the band members unable to play their instruments. Lentil, a young boy, saves the day by welcoming the VIP with a song on his harmonica The kids loved the book. We stopped reading halfway through the book and sucked on a few lemons to see if it would make us pucker up. Boogs looked so cute with his sour face. After we finished the book, I gave each of the kids a harmonica and we had a harmonica parade all around the house. 

One of Boogs’ favorite CDs is “Counting Games and Rhythms for the Little Ones” by Ella Jenkins. We got out our box of instruments and jammed for half an hour while listening to the CD. I am sure our neighbors love us.

For our kitchen activity we had a lemon/lime taste test and then made some lemon/limeade. All three kiddos had to work together to use the lemon juicer. We had a taste test between our homemade lemon/limeade and some store bought Countrytime Lemonade. Boogs said he liked the Countrytime best but then tried them both again and said it was a tie. 

For our craft, we used construction paper, popsicle sticks and rubber bands  to make homemade harmonicas. They do make a sound. The kids were much more interested in their real harmonicas, but did play with these for a bit. I found the directions here:
It was a fun day together. 

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