Friday, December 18, 2015

Cutesy the Elf & Holiday Activities

Cutesy and Purple Minion decided to put aside their differences and play a game of checkers. Uh-oh! It looks like Purple Minion is cheating! You can't have a quadruple King.
Cutesy found a roll of wrapping paper and blocked Boogs' door with strips of paper.
 Boogs didn't mind one bit.
Story themed lunch for Turkey Claus by Wendi Silvano. This was a cute story about a turkey who managed to escape the Thanksgiving dinner table only to realize that turkey was on the menu for Christmas dinner. The turkey went to the North Pole to use his Christmas wish to ask Santa to save him. Unfortunately, the elves didn't think turkeys should talk to Santa. Turkey tried all sorts of disguises to get past the elves. We thought it was really cute when turkey tried to disguise himself as a Christmas tree. In the Laptop lunchbox: ham & cheese Turkey tree sandwich, okra chip branches, Santa pick, apple sauce, salad, and yogurt.
Chrismas Tree lunch  in an ELB: mini ham & cheese tree and ornament sandwiches, boiled egg, yogurt covered pretzel snow, blackberries, salad, and yogurt.
Snowman lunch - pb&j snowman sandwich balls, mango, Zbar, yogurt, and yogurt covered pretzels.
Christmas stocking lunch in an ELB - pb&j stocking sandwich, salami & cheese stocking sandwich, blackberries, sesame sticks, carrots, and a Christmas candy.
Boogs gave a presentation about France at school this week. One of the topics he was supposed to cover in his report was traditional foods of France. Boogs wanted to make a Kings Cake, but all the recipes we found contained almond flour. One of the kids in his class is allergic to nuts so we went with a Buche de Noel (Yule Log) instead. Boogs said his arm got tired whipping the eggs for five minutes with the hand-mixer. The cake kind of turned out how it was supposed to. The kids in his class loved the flavor and asked if he could make another one for their holiday party. We used THIS Betty Crocker recipe.
After we finished making the Buche de Noel, Boogs and I went to the Zilker Park Trail of Lights with D and the J-boys. (J1 stayed home) This was our second year to go. The boys were not as impressed with it this year because the displays were the same as last year. I thought all of the lights were beautiful and we had fun spinning under the big tree of lights.

My favorite scene was Snoopy watching the stars on his doghouse.
Boogs and the J-boys liked the Candyland tent. There was a candy making machine that you had to press a bunch of different levers to make the candy come out.
I tried to get a good picture of Boogs under the archway of lights. He told me I'd have to catch him if I wanted to take any more pictures.
 Then he crouched down and stood still for about two seconds to "let" me get a picture. Oh well.
Boogs had his class holiday party today. For a craft activity, they made cute little snowmen.
 Boogs used the batting to pretend he was Santa.
Food, games, and a movie topped off the class party. Boogs said he had a good time.
We are now officially on holiday break from school until January 4th. Wow, this has been a quick year.

My husband and I attended his holiday party for work. Thanks, Ledda for fixing my hair and applying my make-up.

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