Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas At My Parent's House

Mom, thanks for making our family Christmas so much fun. We loved the White Elephant gift game.
Love you Mom and Dad!
My brother-in-law is wearing a scarf from the gift game, he did not wear that on purpose. This is a rare thing, my sister actually let me take a few pictures of her without turning her head or closing her eyes. Amazing!
 Looking good Bro and Yo!
 Can't seem to get a "normal" picture with my brother and sister.
 Boogs enjoyed sparring with his uncle.
 Boogs was doing great until uncle R locked him down with a two arm hold.
 J asked me to take this pic. Here you go.
Boogs watched while his cousins played a complicated new game.

 Boogs couldn't decide with bag to open.
 My hubby was "thrilled" to open his gift and find a shoe memo pad and a pig statue.
Of course, I loved my basket of spa-like goodies.

We had fun hanging out with my family all day. Love you much!

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