Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cutesy the Elf Days 11 - 16

Cutesy keeps surprising Boogs with new places to hide and new things to do. He brought Boogs several baggies of Legos with a note for Boogs to put them together to match the Christmas shapes in the picture.

Boogs quickly got to work making those shapes. Look, we are still playing with the engineering challenge materials Cutesy brought on December 5th.
Boogs decided to combine the Lego shapes into a giant "Mecha Christmas" robot. He explained to me that a Mech is a robot usually operated by a person inside it. Okay.
 Then he went back to building with the blocks, cups, and craft sticks (see the post HERE.)
 I loved his expression when everything came crashing down.
Cutesy and his friends were hanging out in the living room reading a couple of Christmas books.
Boogs had a hard time locating Cutesy this morning. Cutesy was hiding on the stairs with a Christmas word scramble.
Twisted peppermint - Cutesy twisted candy canes into the letters of Boogs' initials. Cutesy must have put a few candy canes in the oven on parchment paper at 300 degrees for 6 to 7 minutes to get them soft enough to handle and twist.
Every year, Cutesy shows up with a new gingerbread house for Boogs to decorate.
Boogs got to work on it with his own decorating vision in mind.
Boogs turned it into a Grinch house. He said Santa was chasing away the Grinch and then cleaning up the mess Grinch made.
 The finished Grinch house.
Cutesy was hanging out by the Keurig machine this morning with a hot cocoa pod and marshmallows.
Our time with Cutesy is passing by quickly this year. We sure are glad he continues to visit us.

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