Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cutesy the Elf Day 3, 4, 5

When Cutesy first came to visit our house four years ago, he came with a note that said he might get up to some nonsense and mischief. He is certainly living up to that prediction. On Cutesy's third day here this year, he took a clean pair of Boogs' underwear and put them in the freezer where they froze as stiff as a board.
 Cutesy left a note and a ribbon trail for Boogs to find the underwear.
When Boogs opened the freezer he said, "Ugh! Cutesy that is disgusting. Look, it is all the way frozen! I can't get it unstuck." Then Boogs noticed there were homemade popsicles by the end of the ribbon. He thanked Cutesy for the popsicle and then tried to eat it. I had forgotten those popsicles were in there. They were actually made from Pedialyte when Boogs was sick during the summer. They taste nasty! Boogs thought Cutesy was playing a trick on him. Ha!
I ended up having to get a hair dryer to unfreeze the underwear to remove them from the freezer. Then, I made Boogs a lunch to match Cutesy's prank. In the ELB lunchbox: pb&j underwear sandwich, cheese snowflakes, orange slices, salad with radish snowflake & cheese letters, yogurt, and Goldfish crackers.
The next morning, Boogs found Cutesy tied up with the ribbon used in the freezer. It looked like Purple Minion was using a penguin popper to shoot balls at Cutesy. That mean and evil Purple Minion had struck again. During the past couple of years, Purple Minion has captured Cutesy in a box made of Legos, dangled Cutesy from a ceiling fan, and used a toy army to tie Cutesy to a door knob. Boogs helped Cutesy break free.
When Boogs woke up this morning, Cutesy had set up materials for Boogs to use to complete four challenges. I think Cutesy must have looked at the Frugal Fun For Boys blog for the ideas for these challenges. You can see the challenges posted HERE.
Cutesy typed up the challenges and left out one-inch wooden cubes, colored craft sticks, and 3 oz plastic cups for Boogs to use.

Boogs got right to work on the first challenge - build a structure with only one block for the base.
We both started working on the other challenges to see who could finish one first. It was fun. Boogs tried to blow my structure down so he could win the tallest challenge. We left the materials out to play with later in the day.
Boogs is certainly enjoying Cutesy's visit this year. I wonder what other things Cutesy is gong to do before he heads back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

Do you have a Christmas Elf? What kinds of mischief and nonsense has your elf been up to?

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