Friday, June 26, 2015

Cozumel Vacation - Day 7 Fishing

For day 7 in Cozumel we had scheduled a fishing trip. If we had not prepaid for this, we would have cancelled. This was a rough day to get started because we were all pretty tired and a bit under the weather. I was sick most of the night before and my husband was running a bit of a fever when he woke up. We left our hotel at 6:15 to catch a ride to Marina Caleta. We got on The Hunter fishing boat a little bit before 7 a.m. The first hour was pretty slow. Then the sun came out a bit and we started reeling in a few fish.
 Boogs had the best seat in the boat, actually it was the only chair on the boat.
 All of the fishing poles were baited and set up while we slowly trolled through the water.
 The slow rhythm of the boat put Boogs back to sleep for awhile.
 Daddy caught a few small fish at first. I pulled in a trigger fish.
 Then Boogs caught a few small fish.

 Another trigger fish.
Then, Daddy had a barracuda on his line. It was a bit of a struggle to reel him in and get him on the boat. Man, was that fish strong. It practically flung itself out of the boat at one point. When Daddy was trying to hold the barracuda for this picture, it slapped his stomach really hard with its tail. Daddy had a big red mark across his belly.
  Boogs was showing how big the barracuda was compared to him.
The fishing guide had a little fun with Boogs and the barracuda.
We were on the boat for a little over four hours. It was an okay outing but not a favorite for any of us. 


  1. Looks like a fun holiday. Hope your husband has recovered from his hit from the barracuda.

    1. Thanks. My husband is fine. It was more of a shock than an actual injury.