Tuesday, June 2, 2015

3rd Grade Field Day (Sort of)

We have had so much rain that Field Day was almost cancelled. The sun came out for a bit but the field was too muddy to use.  Boogs' school made it work by setting up Field Day stations in hallways, the cafeteria, the gym, on the driveway behind the school, and under the awnings around the school. Boogs had a fun day, but he really did miss all of the water stations there usually are on Field Day.

Blindfolded Water Tag - the one station with water. The person with the spray bottle was blindfolded and the partner guided them around to find targets (other people) to spray.
 Partner Bean Bag Toss & Catch
Plunger Relay - this was a fun one to watch. Each partner had a plunger to hold one side of a ball. They had to race across the room and around a cone to win. It was hard work keeping the right balance on the plungers to contain the ball.
Baton Relay Race
Ice Cream Cone Relay Race
Plank Walk - this one took coordination and communication to get moving.
Boogs and his partner were laughing a lot as they tried to make it work.
Hula Hoop Ball Relay - this was a fun alternative to a three-legged race. The partners had to remain inside a hula hoop and keep a ball between their knees while hopping/running down the line.
Tricycyle race
 Partner Scooter Relay - I remember loving those scooters when I was in elementary school. Fun!
Boogs had a great time. At the end of Field Day there was about 30 minutes left before the school day was over. Boogs decided he wanted to stay and finish out the day instead of leaving early with me. He only has a few more days left at this school. Next year, he will be transferring to the school where I teach. He has told me (in a very dramatic voice) that he wants to "soak up every minute of my school that I can because I will never see it again in my life". I am hoping the transition to a new school in the Fall will be smooth. He is making me doubt it.

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