Friday, June 26, 2015

Cozumel Vacation - Day 6 Diving

Diving Day! This is the day my husband was looking forward to the most. It was hard for him to wait until 1 pm for our dive boat. We spent the morning on the beach at our resort. We had to get in some hammock time to start our day.
 Boogs found this little hermit crab. Every time he tried to pick it up, the hermit crab pinched him.
Daddy won every game of horseshoes and bean bag toss. Boogs and I competed for last place.
There were crabs all over the resort. They were on the beach, in the pools, in the fountain, on the pathways. You had to pay attention because their claws looked powerful.
Finally, it was time to go to Scuba Mau Dive Shop. Boogs and I prepared to snorkel while Daddy prepared to dive. We have not gone scuba diving since we were in St. Thomas in 2007 for a friend's wedding. That was a long time ago. While waiting for Daddy to get ready to board the boat, Boogs had a bit of time to work on his skills review book. Sometimes I really do annoy this child.
Time to board the boat and head out to sea.
 Dive master Leo did a wonderful job showing Daddy through the towers of rocks underwater.
Boogs was excited about snorkeling so far out in the ocean. After Daddy jumped in, the boat driver took us to a good spot to snorkel. It wasn't until Boogs and I were ready to jump overboard that I realized there were no life jackets on-board the boat. I felt confident that Boogs was a strong enough swimmer to snorkel without it, but it still made me a little nervous. The boat was always in sight while we were in the water. The driver kept circling around us. It took less than two minutes for him to pick us up when we were ready to get out of the water.
 The water was so clear it almost looked like we were in a swimming pool.
The boat driver followed the bubbles from Leo and my husband. He stopped the boat and let Boogs and I out to snorkel directly above the scuba divers. There's Daddy and Leo waving from 35 feet below us.
 It was easy to track Daddy because he had on neon yellow fins.
Daddy told us all about the amazing things he saw on his dive. Toward the end of the dive he came across this sea turtle. Boogs and I jumped in the water with our masks on to take a look. I took a couple of pictures of it from the surface but they were not very good. Daddy swam up, took the camera from me and then went back down to get a better shot, then brought the camera back to me. My waterproof camera is only good to 35ft. so Daddy did not get to take it with him on his dive.
 Boogs and I saw some pretty fish during our snorkeling.
 We took a break between Daddy's dives along this dock. Boogs got out and explored a little bit.
I kept teasing Daddy that he looked like a Solid Gold Dancer in his wet suit and booties. Then we had to try and explain to Boogs what Solid Gold Dancers were. How do you explain 1980s fashion to a millennial child?
 Ready to head out for dive number two after a little snack break.
 There he goes!
 Boogs and I were dropped off at a new place to snorkel.

We did not last very long in the water. Boogs and I went through a school of yellow & black fish with several large trigger fish nearby. Boogs got a little freaked out when it seemed like they swarmed around us. He became cold fairly quickly and wanted to get back in the boat.
 We packed a couple of books in with our swim gear. Boogs and I read while we waited for Daddy.
Daddy had a great time diving and is already planning a dive for next summer. You have to be 10-years-old to get certified to dive. Boogs is looking forward to turning ten next year. He and I are going to take a scuba certification class together after his next birthday. I have been on seven dives during our previous trips but am not certified. I always had to stay with the dive masters while my husband explored around us. I am also looking forward to getting certified with Boogs so I will be ready for our next trip.

We made it back to our resort in time to enjoy Fiesta Night - live music, games, food, dancing.

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  1. What a fab experience for Boogs, I bet he loved snorkeling so close to all the sealife further out in the sea than he was used to. It's great that you could enjoy the water at the same time as dad so you didn't have a day without him. It's exciting that you and Boogs are going to get certified to dive too, then you'll all be able to enjoy the depths of the sea together. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

    1. The snorkeling there was lovely. Boogs is very excited to get to explore deeper in ocean as soon as he is able. Sometimes it seems like he thinks he is a fish with how much he loves being in the water.

  2. these are great pictures and to understand what was going on...such sweet memories