Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fall Break

Boogs had the entire week off for Fall Break/Thanksgiving. We only have one story themed lunch to post this week.

Billy Tartle in Say Cheese by Michael Townsend
I am so glad we read this book after picture day. Billy wants to look cool for his school picture. He tries to get his mom to give him a spiky mohawk haircut. When he realizes his haircut is just like all of his other plain haircuts, Billy gets very upset. The barber lets Billy take as many lollipops as he wants. The lollipops make Billy's teeth turn red. That gives him an idea for how to make his class picture extra special. Billy makes sure he has enough lollipops for all of his classmates before picture time. Boogs laughed at this book but said he would not do that. Boogs likes having "normal" pictures.

Boogs and I did not do much this week. We spent a lot of time at home just reading, relaxing, playing games, baking, and decorating for Christmas. We did leave the house to go to a movie, shop, swim team practice, and library. It was pretty cold most of the week. There was actually frost on the ground most mornings.  Boogs and the neighborhood kids warmed up by spending hours playing and riding bikes and scooters up and down the street.
 Boogs had a friend over to help make a maze for the hamster.
 Boogs was a big help with setting up and decorating our Christmas tree.
 I always enjoy getting out the ornaments. One of our yearly traditions is for Boogs to pick out a new ornament each year. I use a thin line Sharpie to put his name and the year on each of his new ornaments. When he grows up he will have a small collection of ornaments for his own Christmas tree.
Family Skip-bo Game
 Boogs helped make an apple pie for Thanksgiving dessert.

Daddy spent the afternoon hanging up our Christmas lights. Oh, it made me nervous when he was up on that ladder.
  The lights look so pretty and festive.

We enjoyed our week off and are kind of sad that regular life, school, and work will have to resume on Monday.

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