Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas Gift for Teacher

Boogs is in 2nd grade this year. For Kindergarten and 1st Grade, we gave Boogs' teachers a 12 Days Until Christmas Break gift basket for their holiday gift. This year, I found a cute box at Michaels Craft store to use instead of a basket. Yay, I got to use a 40% off coupon on the box, too.

The teachers at Boogs' school fill out a "favorites" page at the beginning of the school year. They list favorite food, restaurant, snacks, drinks, what they collect, wish list for classroom, and favorite places to shop. We used Boogs' teacher's list to fill the gift box with little goodies.
Doritos, Coke Zero, Lindt chocolates, lotion, red blinking nose, bronze Sharpies, checkers, markers, Kit Kats, sticky notes, note pad, and gift card.

I wrap each item in tissue and place it in the box. Whew, the soda took up a lot of room.
I am going to attach a note to the box that says, "It is not quite time for the 12 days of Christmas, but it is time for the 12 Days Until Christmas Break Countdown. To help you make it through the long last days until the holiday break, we put together a little box of treats. You can open them all at once or pull one out each day until the break begins. Thank you for all you do to make your classroom a special place for your students."

Boogs is going to make a card and we will put an "Open Me Last" note on it. This card will contain a gift certificate and reveal that the gift box came from Boogs. 

I am going to drop the box off for the school's office to deliver to the classroom on Dec. 5th. 

Last year's basket can be found here:

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  1. Love the way you packed it up, looks so pretty and festive!

  2. Such a cute idea! I'm sure all teachers would love the whole "open one gift each day" idea. They definitely deserve it too for all of the hard work they do!

    I'd love to make a similar basket for my son's teacher. I know his teacher is a big fan of tea so I'll add some tea and coffee mugs along with school supplies, airbourne, and a pair of crazy animal slippers for adults. My son insisted on getting his teacher a pair of bunny slippers. Apparently they read some kind of story where a teacher wears them so he thought it would be funny. I think she'll think so too.

    1. Sounds like you have great ideas for a cute basket. Thanks for stopping by and sharing them.