Friday, November 9, 2012

Sock Hop

Boogs had a Sock Hop at his elementary school today. He seemed to really enjoy it. The school cafeteria was turned into a "drive-in". Everyone had Sonic burgers and watched The Lorax on a huge screen. Then we were off to the MPR (gym) to dance the night away. Boogs was a little slow to warm up to the dancing. He was also a bit tired. He has not gotten used to the Daylight Savings time change and has woken up every morning this week before 5:10. We had fun tonight. Boogs said, "I am really glad that we went to the Sock Hop, but I am not happy I put a hole in my frog socks." Boogs went straight to bed when we got home. Hopefully he will sleep in Saturday morning.
Aaaaaaa... Where's The Fonz?

I was shocked that Boogs ate the entire burger.

I love this picture. Boogs had a great time bustin' some moves.

Boogs laid down on the floor to take a little dance break.

Their Conga line was hilarious. They kept splitting up the line, yelling, then running back to make a new line with a different line order.

Boogs was looking a bit crazed by this point. It was well past him bedtime. We left just after this picture.
I love that silly boy!


  1. He looks sooo cool...We love that break dancing movement..He does look like this generation's Fonz... High Five..

    Grandmaman & Grandpapa

  2. Oh, what fun!! Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times!