Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lunches November 12th - 16th

Boogs' lunches are inspired by the books we read at bedtime the previous evening. Each night, Boogs reads one book to me and I read a book or a chapter of a book to him. I usually post his lunches once a week. Click on the "lunches" label at the end of this post to see lunches from previous weeks.

Rude Ramsay and the Roaring Radishes by Margaret Atwood
I absolutely fell in love with this book! Long, long ago... I had read The Handmaiden's Tale by Margaret Atwood. I did not realize that she also wrote children's books. Rude Ramsay and the Roaring Radishes is a tale filled with an abundance of words beginning with the letter 'r' or beginning with the letter 'r' sound. Each page could be a very long vocabulary lesson. Boogs thought the description of the food served by Rude Ramsay's relatives was revolting - "While Ron read the racing results, Ruby and Rollo regularly rustled up the repasts. They roasted rice, raisins, rutabagas, and rhinoceros. They rolled out reptiles with a rolling pin. They refrigerated rhubarb and broiled ribs, ravioli, and reindeer rinds on the rotisserie. The rice was rock-hard, the ribs rubbery, the ravioli wrinkled, the rhinoceros raw. The  reptiles were still writhing, the rhubarb was runny, and the reindeer rinds were rotten." That quote is not even one page of the book. Boogs and I had a great time reading this story. We read it over two nights because we kept having to stop and discuss or look up some of the words. I now know that the rubicund rodent means the red-nosed rodent. Refulgently was another word I had to look up. Boogs thought it was funny when the rambunctiously rotating radishes roared at Ramsay. In the ELB lunchbox: raw rhinoceros ham, pb&j rolled out reptile, roaring radishes, Rude Ramsay Babybel cheese, carrots (it couldn't all start with 'r'), raspberries, and raisins.

A Is For Salad by Mike Lester
I did not realize the top picture for this book was so dark. When I tried to lighten it, it made the book pages too bright. Luckily, I had two pictures of this lunch. This little alphabet book is kind of like a simple guessing game. The letter on each page stands for the animal pictured but the words on the page do not begin with that letter. Boogs thought this book was very silly and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He thought the lion blow drying his hair was especially funny so I wanted to include that picture. In the lunchbox: applesauce covered with a lion drawn on a cupcake liner, pb&j moose, cheese 'M' & 'Cowboy Boots', boot picks in grapes, blueberries, and veggie pancakes.

P.J. Funnybunny Camps Out by Marilyn Sadler
P.J. Funnybunny and his friends decide to go camping. When P.J.'s little sister asks if she can come along, P.J. tells her that camping is not for girls. Boogs thought that was a pretty good idea. Boogs already has plans to own a boat when he grows up that he and his daddy can use for fishing. He has told me it will be a NO GIRLS ALLOWED boat except when "the men" need sandwiches. Then Boogs will let me come aboard to make sandwiches for him. Gee thanks! Anyway... in this story, P.J.'s little sister decides to show the boys that they aren't so tough. She and her friend scare P.J. right out of his tent and all the way home. In the ELB lunchbox: pb&j P.J. sandwich, Babybel full moon, broccoli forest with ranch dressing in a Mini Dipper, grapes, and two small cereal ghosts.

Scholastic News Weekly Reader: Winter in the Wild
Boogs read this to me. He wanted me to turn it into his lunch. In the Laptop lunchbox: ham & cheese toast owl, marshmallow mouse, Pirate's Booty, salad, and pineapple.

The details for this lunch can be found HERE on the post for the Bento Bloggers & Friends Thankful Blog Hop.

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  1. More cute lunches! They make me smile. Thanks for linking up to The Children's Bookshelf.

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  4. All of your lunches are like little works of art!

  5. Love the lunches, especially the moose!!

    1. Thanks, Jenn. I almost bought a moose cookie cutter at IKEA a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't. It is easy to cut my own moose shape.

  6. I LOVE these cute ideas! Great job!

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  8. Super duper creative as always! My favorite is the Radish =-)
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