Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a very low-key Halloween this year. We had our traditional Sweet Berry Farm day to pick a pumpkin but Boogs did not attend any festivals or Halloween parties. We had family in town and a couple of birthday parties to attend when all of the Halloween stuff was going on. Boogs did have a great time going trick-or-treating with a group of kids from our neighborhood. My husband and I got dressed up for a Halloween Party. He went as Bubbles from The Trailer Park Boys. I went as an Elvira type vampire. Here are a few pictures:

Those purple spiderweb lashes were really quite annoying.

Bubbles with his cat. We went into Walmart in full costume to purchase that cat. Two different people took my picture while we were in the store. I am pretty sure I will end up on the "People of Walmart" website.

Every year, Boogs decides what to carve on the pumpkin.

He had fun cleaning out the pumpkin guts.

My little alien

None of the kids wanted to go up to this door. Their porch was super creepy.

Boogs wanted to hand out candy after he finished trick-or-treating.

Boogs gets to eat one piece of candy on Halloween night. He looked through all of his candy and decided to have a small bag of Kettle Corn.

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