Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Explorer's Club

Boogs has been enjoying Explorer's Club at the library. Here are a couple of the projects they have done lately.

Paper Mache Bowls - Boogs loved getting his hands dirty while making his bowl. He reminded me that he wants to make, no buy, a pinata this year for his birthday. He wants to help build it this time.

Rocket Blaster made out of a water bottle, bicycle inner tube, tape, and a paper rocket. This was such a cool craft. Boogs is having fun shooting his rocket all over the house. I think we might make this the craft at his next birthday party or at least at a playdate.

They also made Gak one week.

I have been forgetting to take my camera with me and the photos from my phone are not very good. Grandmaman and Grandpapa, we hope you are enjoying these pics of Boogs.

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