Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Have you heard of MOMables?  Several of my Bento Blogger Friends have been raving about MOMables for months. So, when the opportunity arose for me to receive a free trial, I jumped on the chance to see what all the raving was about. MOMables is a menu planning service that creates five day menus with delicious and healthy lunches for school-aged children. Every Friday, they feature the next week’s menu plan. The menu plan is downloaded as a PDF file, and can be saved and printed for multiple uses. The menu plan includes a convenient shopping list, recipes, and a picture of each meal. I love having the shopping list each week! I don't use every recipe, but Boogs enjoys looking at the pictures of each meal to see if it is something he might like to try.

If you are a regular visitor to my blog to see the story themed lunches I make for Boogs, then you know I sometimes get into a pb&j rut. MOMables has been great because it provides simple, kid-tested recipes that including a variety of foods. It is so easy to log on and download the weekly menu. Boogs' lunches have definitely benefitted from MOMables.

Lunches using MOMables recipes:

Spinach and Cheese Mini Quiches

Momables mini quiche in That Bad, Bad Cat! lunch

Momables Grilled Shrimp and White Bean Salad

Momables Pork, Apple and Cheddar Meatballs inside the little hamburger buns

Momables Thai Lettuce Cups

Momables Chicken Pesto Flatbread

Momables inspired Make-your-own Pizzable

  You should head on over to MOMables and give it a try. With the click of a button, you can get access to a free sample week of menus.

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