Sunday, June 6, 2010

Egg Carton Dump Truck

Boogs really was not in the mood to pose for this picture. We took it the morning after all of the paint had dried. He just wanted to play with his new truck.                              
This was a cute craft project using a styrofoam egg carton. I can't remember which website I got the idea from, probably the Crafty Crow. Before we began painting the pieces, Boogs and I read a couple of books about big trucks. These helped him get a few ideas about what colors he wanted to use.

Boogs liked painting the pieces and helping me put it together, but he liked painting himself even more.

He said, "Look Momma, I am doing face painting!" He was so pleased with himself.

Then it got a bit messy. Boogs is making this face because I told him he would have to sleep like that. He did not think it would be such a good idea. We love making messes at our house.


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