Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Can Paper Float? & Smell-o-rama

We got out Boogs' Science journal for a few more entries. We wanted to see if we could make paper float. Well, Boogs found out that a piece of paper put in the water just gets wet and sinks. But, if we made paper into paper boats then it would float on the water for a little bit. We even added a few passengers to our boats. When the boats started coming apart, Boogs decided that we could just call them rafts and they could still carry passengers.

We had a mystery smell-o-rama experiment. I put cotton balls with different scents on them in small baggies for Boogs to see if he could identify the scent and decide if it was a smell that he liked. His answers were really good. Boogs insisted on being blindfolded during the experiment. Here are the scents we used and his guesses: 1. vanilla - "vanilla" 2. soy sauce - "something that goes on vegetables" 3. mint extract - "a toothpaste taste" 4. lemon juice - "lemon juice" (I had to get the lemon out because you could not smell it on the cotton ball) 5. pineapple - "pineapple" 6. chocolate - "is it brownie?" (I melted a few mini chocolate chips onto the cotton ball in the mircrowave)  Boogs said he liked all of the smells.

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