Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I feel very blessed to be a mother. I love my little boy more than I ever thought I could love someone. He has brought so many new things, thoughts, emotions, and activities into my life. Last week he asked me when it would be Mother's Day. He said, "You know, the day when we bring you dinner in bed and let you sleep. We give you chocolate. Then I have a Daddy day and you just get to be by yourself." Yeah, that was last year. This year was a little different. I did get breakfast in bed before Daddy left to go workout. Boogs and I went for a nice long walk and played for a bit at the park. Later, I went for a pedicure while Boogs had some Daddy time. To go along with our new healthy lifestyle, I did not get chocolate this year. Instead, I got a gift certificate to the High Intensity Training Center of Austin to get a VO2 Max test. It is a very thoughtful gift from my husband. My heart rate really gets high when I run and workout. This test, basically a stress test, will let me know my upper limit. It is a good thing to know when you are working out like I have been so I know how hard I can push myself.

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