Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busy Weekend

Boogs and I decided to make Strawberry Smoothies with some of the strawberries we picked on Friday. They were yummy!

Saturday morning I participated in The Longhorn Run 10K.  My goal was to have less than 10 minute miles each. I made it with 9 min 54 sec per mile for all six of them. This was a really neat run. The course took you all over the University of Texas campus and ended with a run up the tunnel where the players come into Memorial Stadium.  I wish I had my camera with me, but I had no place to keep it while I was running.

Saturday afternoon, Boogs and I went to the ranch of a boy in Boogs' class. He had a great time playing with the other kiddos. It is so nice that they all get along. The barbeque and visiting were wonderful. Luckily, we got there after the men finished the "cow working".

Sunday was a pretty quiet day for us. Boogs woke up way too early. He opened the back door around 6 a.m. and went outside. When I got up I asked him about hearing the door to the backyard being opened. He told me, "Yeah, I was just looking at the moonlit sky." My boy is so precious. I had the rare luxury of going back to bed while my husband took Boogs out for the morning. They went "exploring" and shopping. I stayed home, rested a bit, cleaned the kitchen, did a little laundry, and had a yoga workout. We went out to one of my favorite places for a late lunch. I can never get enough creamy jalapeno dip from Chuy's Tex Mex Restaurant. Boogs eats it with Chex cereal because the chips are "too pokey". We ended the weekend by watching a movie and snuggling on the couch. I love weekends like this. 

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  1. Yes, I LOVE the Creamy Jalapeno Dip! Oh, I need to get some of that soon.