Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Interesting Conversations

Out of nowhere today, Boogs started a conversation with, "Momma, when we die are we going to be buried?"
Me: Well, if that is your wish you can be buried. Why? Did you have another plan?
Boogs: I don't like to be buried when I die. Because when you are buried the dirt and sand is all over you. The sand would get in my eyes and be too itchy.
Me: When you are dead, you won't be able to feel anything.
Boogs: Oh yes. Yes, I will be able to feel everything when I am dead. That is just the way it will be for me.

I love reading with Boogs. At bedtime tonight, we read "Night Rabbits" by Lee Posey. It is a very sweet story.  There is a page that tells about a girl watching the rabbits moving to the music of the crickets at night. The next sentence is "The rabbits are so beautiful that I shiver inside." I asked Boogs if he had ever felt like that, like something was so beautiful it made him shiver inside. He told me that the first time he ever saw and held Guy (his little blue lamb lovey) he did shiver inside. Boogs always makes me smile. Even at four, he still needs Guy to help him go to sleep each night. This is a picture of the first time he held Guy when he was nine months old. Guy certainly does not look like that anymore! Now, Guy is grubby and has matted fur.

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