Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shark Week

It is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Boogs has enjoyed watching shows about unusual sharks. He does not like watching shows about Great White Sharks and how they menace popular swimming beaches. In honor of Shark Week, I made Boogs a Shark Week breakfast.

In the Laptop lunchbox - double layer egg surfer wearing cheese swim trunks with half of his leg bitten off by a cheese shark, ketchup blood, ham surfboard on toast with shark bite, and blueberry ocean with alphabet picks.
I found this cute Fred Snack Attack! cookie cutter set at our local toy story and knew I had to get it for Shark Week.

Boogs was sort of "creeped out" by the ketchup blood on the surfer's leg and on the shark's teeth. He asked if we could use this cookie cutter set again to make sugar cookies without any fake blood on them.

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