Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tenth Week of Summer

Our 10th week of summer was filled with time in the pool, diving class, playdates, library time, and new car shopping.

Boogs went off the high dive as often as he could.

He learned how to jump backwards off the board without hitting his face. This made me a bit nervous.
On the last day of diving class, the coaches threw towels for the kids to catch as they jumped off the diving board. Boogs loved it!

 A couple of weeks ago, I did this to my car:
I accidentally backed into a tree. Unfortunately, the body shop and insurance company decided that the damage was enough to consider my car a total loss. Ouch! We were not really prepared to purchase a new car, but we did. Here is my new car. I hope it lasts 12 years like my old one did.


  1. I love the new car. I need to start looking in the next year or two. My car is 10 years old.

    1. Thanks, Dierdre. I feel very fortunate to have a new car. This is the very first car I have ever owned that was brand new.