Saturday, August 3, 2013

Eighth Week of Summer

I can't believe we have already passed through eight weeks of summer. We have three full weeks left of summer before school begins on August 26th. We are slowly starting to think about the end of summer. All of the supplies from Boogs' 2nd grade list are in his backpack ready for the first day of school. We still need to go through his clothes and replace the things that are too full of holes, too covered in stains, or too small. Unfortunately, that describes about 90% of his clothes.

We managed to stay busy during our 8th week of summer. We stayed home on Monday and worked on a few craft/writing projects and had an unscheduled day.

On Tuesday, we spent the day with friends and went downtown to the Big Top Candy Shop in Austin. The kids thought the store was amazing. Boogs bought some sour spray candy (yuck!) and some sour powder candy.
Since we were downtown we stopped by the Austin Postcard Mural for a quick photo.

We had a playdate on Wednesday at a shady park. Then we spent the hottest part of the afternoon at the library to view the movie The Rise of the Guardians.

We were inspired to visit the Blanton Museum after reading Seen Art? by Jon Scieszka. I even made Boogs a lunch based on the book.That is supposed to be Van Gogh's The Starry Night drawn on the cheese with food writers.

My mom was able to join us while we explored the museum. In one exhibit hall, we each sketched and colored a picture of one of the paintings hanging on the wall. When one of us showed their sketch, the other two had to guess which work of art it was based on. Fun!

Boogs' favorite things at the Blanton Museum were the penny exhibit by Cildo Meireles called Mission/Missions and the roping cowboy statue (unfortunately, I can't remember the name of it). The 1970s kitchen brought back childhood memories for me. We all enjoyed the miniature elevator with doors that opened and closed by Maurizio Cattelan.
We left the Blanton Museum, had lunch, then walked across the street to the Bob Bullock Museum. Boogs really enjoyed exploring the Bullock Museum and learning about the history of Texas.

On Saturday, Boogs passed the swim test to be on the year-round swim team. Yea! He is excited and very proud of himself, as am I.

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