Friday, August 2, 2013

Lunches July 22nd - August 2nd

During the school year, Boogs' lunches are based on the stories we read at bedtime. I have tried to make at least one story themed lunch a week during the summer. These are lunches from the past two weeks.

Batbaby Finds A Home by Robert Quackenbush
Boogs read this story to me the other day to add to his summer reading log. Batbaby and his parents are forced from the old barn they call home when a bulldozer shows up and knocks it down. The little family tried to find a perfect spot for their new home. The church steeple had a noisy bell. The farmhouse had a pouncing cat. The tunnel had a train roaring through it. The family wondered if they would ever find a new place to roost in peace. Woodpecker showed the bat family the perfect spot for them, in a small bat house attached to a big house. Boogs decided that we should go straight to Home Depot and buy supplies for making our own bat house. I am still thinking about it. In the ELB lunchbox: pb&j bat, almond butter & jelly house, marshmallow with an owl, cheese moon, broccoli forest, and mango for the lights of the train in the tunnel. 

 Flat Bread Pesto Chicken Lunch
In the ELB lunchbox: Flat bread with homemade pesto sauce, rotisserie chicken, & mozzarella cheese, yellow tomatoes, raisins, strawberries, and salad.

Bunnicula series by James Howe
We have been listening to all of the Bunnicula books on cd that our library has. (I kind of miss listening to music in the car.) Boogs loves these stories. His favorite is the first book in which Harold the dog and Chester the cat meet Bunnicula. They think Bunnicula is a vampire rabbit that sucks the life juice out of vegetables. Chester is terrified the rabbit will progress to drinking human blood so he tries various ways to get rid of Bunnicula. In the ELB lunchbox: Breakfast for lunch - Bunnicula boiled egg, cottage cheese with raspberries, oatmeal, bacon, grapes, and a toasty B for Bunnicula.

 The Naked Lady by Ian Wallace
This book led us to explore the Umlauf Sculpture Garden. You can find details for our adventure here.

A Sock Is A Pocket for Your Toes by Elizabeth Garton Scanlon
Boogs made me laugh while we were reading this book. It is a very simple rhyming verse book that describes all kinds of things that are "pockets".  A pocket for a chicken is a coop, and a bowl is a pocket full of soup. Boogs disagreed with all of it. He said, "You know they are just calling things that hold other things pockets. That is not how I describe a pocket. This book is annoying me."  Well, I picked out this book because I thought it would be fun for Boogs to think of things we see everyday that are pockets. No, that activity never happened. I still enjoyed this book. In the Laptop lunchbox: turkey sandwich socks, berries, and veggies.

I Need My Own Country! by Rick Walton
A girl, who has been treated unfairly, decides she needs to make her own country. This book details the steps she takes to make her own country from picking a location to making a flag. Boogs and I used this book as a guideline for making our own countries in our house. We are still working on our pledges and national anthems. I will post our country activities next week. Items representing Boogs' country were put in his ELB lunchbox: Winter Island cheese quesadilla, broccoli for the island's trees, candied sunflower seeds for the national animal's snacks, blueberry water for the national sport of swimming, and rice & beans with a melted cheese hamster for the national animal.

Seen Art? written by Jon Scieszka & illustrated by Lane Smith
A boy is supposed to meet his friend, Art, on 53rd street. When he arrives, his friend is not there. The boy asked a lady walking by if she had seen Art. Thinking the boy meant the Museum of Modern Art, she directs him to the MoMA. He goes inside the museum and again asks for his friend. He meets a string of new people who each try to help him discover "art" by leading him through the great exhibits of art at the MoMA. There were at least 60 works of art showcased in this fun and silly book. Boogs and I discussed the different types of things people consider to be art and how subjective it is, that people have different opinions and place value on different things. The day after we read this book, we went and toured a local art museum. I really enjoyed the discussions Boogs and I had about what he thought was "good" art at the museum we visited. In the ELB lunchbox: chicken wings, home fries, carrots with hummus, kiwi, MoMA fruit leather letters, and cheese with Van Gogh's The Starry Night drawn on it.

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  1. I haven't read the book you mentioned. I will have to look for it. Your drawing and free form cutting in these lunches is wonderful.

    1. Thanks! Loreen Leedy has great books for various educational concepts for Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.

  2. i love this idea! Never thought to link lunches with the books we read before. I might need to give it a go!

    1. You will have to come back and leave a link when you make a story themed lunch. Boogs and I kind of use the lunch pictures as a reading log. I can show him a picture of a lunch he had long ago and it will help him remember details of the books we read. It is great for making text to text connections.

  3. A lovely selection of lunches this week.

    Thanks for linking to The Sunday Showcase.