Tuesday, July 9, 2013

End-of -Season Swim Party

I think I might just miss getting up at 4:50 every Saturday morning for swim meets. Boogs felt the loss of his six-day-a-week swim schedule on Monday morning. He has been swimming six days a week since the beginning of May. The Typhoon wrap-up party was held at Veterans Memorial Pool last night. We played on the playground for a bit before heading into the pool area. They have two wonderful obstacle course playscapes.

 That platform is high! Boogs amazes me with his fearlessness.
 He made it all the way across this challenging course.
The pool party was a great way to end the season. Boogs was exhausted by the time we went home at 9 pm.

The 7/8yr boys getting their medals. Boogs is on the front row, right of center.
Summer sleep-ins can now begin!

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