Monday, July 22, 2013

Sixth Week of Summer

Boogs went to Keep Austin Smart 4 Day Science Camp this week. This is the third year that he has attended this camp and says he wants to go back again next year. This year's topics included: Science of Water, Symphony of Sounds, Rainbow Science, and Spineless Animal Wonders. He even came home with a new pet - a mealworm. Yay???

Fiesta Texas

On Friday, my husband took the day off of work to take a family trip to Fiesta Texas. We spent nine hours at the park. Boogs enjoyed the water park area the best. He said his favorite ride was the Texas Tornado. I left my camera at home and only took a few pics with my husband's phone.

On Saturday, we saw Despicable Me 2 at the movie theater. It was adorable.

On Sunday, we packed a picnic to take to Blanco State Park. The park is a little over an hour drive from our house. It has a shady hiking trail and great swimming spots along the river.

As soon as we hit the hiking trail, Boogs took control of Daddy's phone to find a Geocache. The geocache was well hidden. Boogs picked a treasure from the box, left a treasure, and signed the log.

We enjoyed hiking through the trees. Boogs spotted this little green snake on a shoulder level branch right next to him on the path. The snake was beautiful. We admired it from a distance. Luckily, that was the only snake we found during our hike.

At the end of the hiking trail, we broke through the trees onto a road. My husband looked at his geocache app and saw that there was another geocache within a mile of where we were. The app led us down the road to Blanco Cemetery. We looked at many of the headstones while finding the hidden geocache. The oldest grave marker we found was for someone who was born in 1793. The geocache was hidden in the hollow of a large tree. Boogs was a little worried that some of the spirits might follow us home from the cemetery.

We hiked back to the park, had a picnic lunch, then jumped in the river to cool off.
 Boogs and his daddy spent almost two hours doing this

 They were both tired and ready to go home.

Summer is passing by so quickly. We are trying to enjoy every minute of it!

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  1. Wow what an adventurous summer holiday you are all having. Geocaching is so much fun for children and the river swimming looks like lots of fun. Thanks for sharing all your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

    1. We are enjoying keeping busy this summer.

  2. We don't have rivers like that near us at all! They look like so much fun. We can paddle in ours but that's about it.
    Have a lovely rest of summer!

    1. We have been in a bit of a drought for the past couple of years so the water levels at nearby lakes and rivers are lower than usual. We are very lucky to have to have so many wonderful state parks nearby for swimming, hiking, and camping.