Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fourth Week of Summer Part 2

We ended our week with lots of family time and the last swim meet of the season. Boogs has really enjoyed the Typhoons Swim Team this year. He said he wants to continue swimming on the Typhoons until he ages out at 17.

 Daddy made it to this swim meet. He and Boogs explored the creek near the pool after the meet.
 We went to a friend's pool party for the rest of Saturday. I did not happen to take any pics of the kids in the pool.

Family time with Monopoly. We started this game on Friday and finished it on Sunday.
 Daddy and Boogs made homemade pizzas together for dinner.

Daddy was home four days in a row without working. It was amazing to have so much family time together. We really missed him when his work routine started back up on Monday.

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