Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July Lunch

Happy 4th of July!

Today's lunch was inspired by The Great Cake Bake by Helen Ketteman

Boogs thought this book was incredibly entertaining. During the week we have had it checked out of the library, I have read it three times to Boogs, he has read part of it to me, and he has read it a couple of times to himself. In the story, the town of Danville is getting ready for the 4th of July Cake Contest. Donna Rae loves contests. She wanted to make the most spectacular cake she could imagine. Unfortunately, her ideas were just a little bit too ambitious. Donna Rae made a Boston Tea Party cake first. She wanted the cake to have a punch bowl fountain. She asked the mayor to come by and see her cake surprise. The punch sprayed all over the mayor's face. Next, Donna Rae made a Statue of Liberty cake that she hooked up to the tank on her gas barbecue grill. Donna Rae invited the mayor over to see her latest surprise cake. She asked the mayor to help her out by lighting the statue's torch. The flame set off an explosion that blew up the cake and blew off the mayor's mustache. Donna Rae's final cake was a Paul Revere cake where she intended to ride a real horse on its cake cobblestone road. Of course disaster struck again.  Boogs laughed at the mess this cake attempt made. The story ends with Donna Rae dreaming of plans for making her own wedding cake. Boogs asked me to check and see if Helen Ketterman had made a sequel to this book. Sadly, she has not.

In the ELB lunchbox: pb&j Statue of Liberty mini-sandwich with tomato flames starting to explode into a giant cheese FLASH, salami under the cheese, lettuce & broccoli with a Statue of Liberty pick, flag fruit - red raspberries, white(ish) strawberries, & blue blueberries, mini muffin with frosting & candy stars and candy USA letters.

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  1. I was wondering how this lunch might end up! I love the flash! I will be sharing this post.

  2. Ooh, the book looks good. Visiting from Read Explore Learn.