Sunday, April 15, 2012

Science Share Night

Boogs' elementary school hosts an annual Science Share Night. Boogs was one of two kindergartners who participated. About a month ago, we received the flyer about Science Night. My husband read it to Boogs and asked him if he wanted to participate. He did. Boogs decided to use his Snap Circuits Jr. set to show that water can conduct electricity. Boogs does not really enjoy writing. He had to submit a written permission form to get approval to do his experiment.

Once his permission form was approved, he received a three page planning packet to fill out and include in the display with his project. I thought for sure that would discourage him but he worked on it a little bit at a time and got it done. He diligently practiced putting his circuit together over and over again. My husband helped him figure out what to say. Boogs helped pick out a tri-fold display board, took pictures by himself to include on the board, and attached everything to his board. I helped with the board layout and his friend helped him glue everything down. He was so excited!

Boogs wanted to wear his lab coat. So cute!

Nonnie came by to hear Boogs' experiment.

Poppa came by to hear his experiment.

Boogs had a good flow of what he called "customers"
throughout the evening.

Boogs' proudly showed his principal his experiment.
In between "customers", Boogs was able to see the other presentations. His favorite was about a girl's pet hedgehog. Boogs now wants a pet hedgehog.

The school set up several tables with hands-on activities for the students to do. Boogs made sure he visited every table.
Build the tallest structure with limited supplies -  cup,
rubber band,  2 cardboard squares, sheet of tinfoil, and straw.

Testing to see what materials conduct electricity.

Making whirligigs.

Testing the whirligig. 
It was a great night. Boogs said he will definitely participate and present again next year.

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