Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Saturday

Boogs and his cousin Little J went to the Home Depot Kids Workshop to make birdfeeders. Little J spent the night and was not very enthusiastic about going to the workshop. Once he started building, he really enjoyed himself. The boys lucked into an Easter egg hunt after the workshop. I don't think the hunt was advertised anywhere, only about 12 kids participated. Boogs and Little J were thrilled to hunt eggs with candy in them.

Saturday afternoon, the whole family celebrated Easter at my parent's house. My nieces and nephews are almost all past wanting to hunt eggs. My brother's grandkids are just getting to an age to begin hunting eggs. Boogs loves to hunt eggs especially since we do not put candy in them, we put quarters in most of the eggs and $1 bills in a few special ones.

The cousins are ready to hunt. Too
bad I left Boogs' basket at home.
Found the one hiding in the tree.

Very excited to see what's inside.
Great money counting activity.

My brother brought 4 dozen cascarones.
My sister's oldest boys.

The cascarones were filled with confetti,
flour, and glitter.
What a fun mess!

My great-nephew getting his grandpa.

Glitter was everywhere! I
gave Boogs a quick shower
and only some of the glitter
came off.
Boogs was exhausted by the
end of the day.

I hid out in the house and took pictures from the doorway while everyone else was getting cascarones cracked on their heads. That did not stop my brother. He got me about an hour later with an egg in the kitchen. Then my niece got me a second time while I was shaking the confetti out of my hair.

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  1. Cascarones! Best invention EVER! The adult "kids" in our family enjoy them more than the little ones I think. Your event looks so much like ours did - super FUN!