Friday, April 27, 2012

Robotic Arm

Boogs received birthday money from his Grandpapa, Grandmaman, Aunt J and Uncle R. This past weekend he went shopping for his present. Boogs decided to buy the Robotic Arm Edge.

My husband and Boogs worked on it for several hours on Saturday and several hours on Sunday. It was very precise work.
There were a ton of pieces.

Boogs helped Daddy carefully read the instructions.

Putting the motors together.

Attaching another piece.

Tightening some of the final screws.

Ready for a trial run. Boogs got some Lego pieces for the arm to sort into two cups by color.

Boogs also moved the cups around with the arm.

It took practice and concentration to move the levers just right.

Success! Boogs got the blocks into the correct cups.
I was reading a few reviews about this robotic arm, one person used it to hold a Sharpie pen and write. We will be coming up with different tasks to do with it. Boogs had a good time putting it together. He did get tried and had to take "nap breaks" to rest his brain. He would go lay on his bed for a couple of minutes and then go back to the robotic arm to keep assembling it. He figured out that he had to use a lot of brain power to get it together correctly. Boogs' Daddy said that he really enjoyed working on this with him. For the past couple of years, Boogs has stated that he wants to be a robot scientist when he grows up. He is fascinated by this kind of thing. Thank you GP, GM, AJ, and UR for the great project!


  1. What an interesting little robot! Doesn't look like the bright and colorful ones typically found in the toy store. Very fascinating indeed!

  2. Boogs wanted his Daddy to go shopping with him. I gave them instructions to skip the toy store and go to Hobby Lobby. We usually find some neat/educational things there. Last year, Boogs bought a Snap Circuit set to give to Daddy for Father's Day. They love working on it together.

  3. What a neat thing! I think if I had some birthday money, I'd now look into that same thing...and what a smart boy you have to be able to piece it all together.