Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bug Party Flashback

Having Boogs' Lego party this past weekend made me think about his previous birthday parties. My all-time favorite party that I have put together was for Boogs' 3rd birthday. Most of the kids in Boogs' preschool class were about 6 months older than him. After going to several children's parties he told me he wanted a Bug Party for his birthday theme. He has always been a very specific child. The following are some flashback pics to that party. I can't believe this occurred three years ago. Time is flying by too quickly!
Three bee balloons for the 3-year-old

Homemade beehive pinata. My husband said it looked like it was made by drunken bees. :-)

Freezer paper stencil bug shirt. He wore this for a bit and then changed into his beetle shirt.
Butterfly sandwiches. I saved the crusts to feed to the ducks at the end of the party.

Ants on a log

Snail shell bites

Sweet treats for the little bugs to eat
Veggies with "swamp goo"
Container of dirt, scoops, and fishing lure worms for the kids to explore.

Bug Hunt - I spread 12 dozen plastic bugs under the trees for the kids to collect with their toddler tweezers. 

Bar jar craft

They LOVED collecting the rubber bugs!

Pull string pinata so everyone could help.

Checking to make sure the pinata was empty.

3-year-old Boogs

Bug cake made by a bakery.

Boogs adding a bit of spit to the cake before we served it.

My sweet baby boy licking the icing off one of the bugs from his cake.

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  1. Fun! My daughter chose bugs for her 3rd birthday theme as well! I just took her and her few friends to the Bug Safari (a live insect exhibit) and almost destroyed a buggy-themed cupcake kit!