Friday, October 7, 2011

Lunches - October 3rd-7th

We read some great books this week to turn into lunches. On Wednesday, Boogs requested "The Paper Bag Princess" lunch. I could not figure out how to make a dragon or a girl wearing a paper bag. So, we made a lunch based on his reading homework. Boogs' helps design and cut out shapes with cookie cutters for his lunches. Here are this week's lunches:
Rhinos for Lunch and Elephants for supper!
Pb&j elephant sandwich, rhino & elephant fruit
leather, elephant ear salad, elephant trunk banana,
and yogurt.

The Lion's Share A Tale of Halving Cake and Eating It Too
Ham & cheese lion sandwich, lion's mane fries,
veggies with lion cucumbers, and lion apple.

Kitty and the Birds (Boogs' reading homework)
Babybel bird (idea taken from Wendolonia), boiled
egg kitty, shredded wheat "cat food", berries, and carrots
with ranch dressing "kitty milk".

Johnny cake (cornmeal pancake) tent, blueberry
lake, sweet potato fries campfire, Babybel cheese
full moon, and s'mores ingredients.

Crazy Hair
Ham & cheese sandwich man, ham & cheese
animals and other things (tiger, bear, hand, girl)
in the crazy shredded cheesestick hair, strawberries,
and veggies. This book is bizarre and a little creepy.
Boogs LOVED it. His favorite page was
"In my hair gorillas leap, tigers stalk, and ground sloths sleep.
Prides of lions make their lair somewhere in my crazy hair."

You can find the entire collection of My Story Themed Lunches HERE on Pinterest.

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  1. That elephant is way cute!! I love his trunk!

    Your Camp-out meal is really cute, too. ~Lots of great ideas there. :)