Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moving In - One week later

Whew, it has been a busy week. My husband took the week off of work to help get us settled. There has been a lot things going on. The theater room equipment is running. We are still putting up the sconces. My husband had to get a new cell phone, but at least people are able to reach him now. AT&T gave a tentative date of July 18th to begin work on putting a cable under the driveway in order to hook up service. So, we went with another company and I now have internet service. Yay!
Only one sconce is installed.
Still needs curtains and decorating.
We finally unboxed all of the new furniture from our first U-haul load that we picked up at the warehouse. Just when I could see my floor, we had another U-haul load to unbox. I did not realize how much cardboard and stryofoam would be involved with un-crating the new furniture. We have had to do some minor assembly of the furniture.
Part of my office set-up.
The mess that is my living room.

Dining room table. I need to Scotch guard the seat
cushions before I put the rest of the chairs together.
We are settling nicely into the new house. Boogs is adjusting well. He is so happy to be able to have room to play, to go outside in the backyard on his own, and to be reunited with toys that have been in storage since November.
We have room to cook together.
Boogs' playroom
It may be two months before all of our furniture is in. We are just taking everything one step at a time and not worrying about how it all looks for now. The mess is slowly getting organized.
First family breakfast in new house.

Hanging Boogs' home-
made birdfeeder.
First steaks on the new grill.


  1. How exciting! I LOVE your new kitchen and of course the outdoor area is awesome!