Friday, July 29, 2011

House Decorating Progress

Finally our house is starting to look livable. Our decorator came over today and helped hang drapes, hang pictures, and put accessories up. She brought the bedding for the master bedroom and guest room. Our living room couches are on backorder so we put the patio furniture in the living room to have a place to sit. We are still waiting for the bed posts and rails to come in for our bed and a few other things, but at least after today we feel like progress has been made. Here are a few pics of todays efforts, but first a reminder of a couple of weeks ago.
Living room in early July
Guest room

Living room with patio furniture
Living room with patio furniture

Master bedroom

The back porch was stained this week. It looks good with the stone. Here's the star in front of the grill.


  1. It's just beautiful!! I love the decorating style.

  2. Thanks! I am ready to have a real place to sit and be finished with putting it together.