Friday, July 1, 2011

Green Gate Farm

I forgot about these pictures. A couple of weeks ago, we went to Green Gate Farm with some friends. Boogs had a wonderful time tasting some of the farm's herbs, exploring, and playing with his friends. They have all sorts of animals. Boogs really liked the chickens. He impressed the woman who ran the farm by being willing to taste and enjoying freshly picked anise and fennel. While he was tasting these herbs, he had an entire conversation with her about what kind of recipes he would use them in. The three kiddos did not want to taste them. Boogs is a quirky little guy. His life plan is now this, "When I grow up I am going to be a lot of things. I will be a robot scientist three days a week. I am going to be a rock star some days, too. I will play shree (he still has trouble pronouncing the word three) instruments, the harmonica, guitar, and the piano. On some of the days I will be a chef. And on Daddy days, I am going to go out on my boat with Daddy to go fishing. Momma, you can come on the boat and make us sandwiches."
Being very careful of the electric wire.

Garlic is drying in the rafters. 

Kids paint area.

These pigs were HUGE!

The door to nowhere.

Old army hammock.

Brushing the farm dog.

Boogs has declared that we will have
an herb garden at our new house.

"Another picture? Man oh man!"

Taking home anise and fennel.

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