Friday, June 3, 2011

School Preparation

A friend of mine asked for my lesson plans for the past few summers that I have held preschool summer camp at my house. I dug around in some of the boxes in storage and found a few things for her, but could not find the spiral notebook that I wrote out my plans in for the past three summers. While I was digging, I did find a few things for Boogs and I to work on. We brought the calendar and the calendar song back into our routine and have added a write-on/wipe-off frog clock into our calendar routine each morning. I also found a set of picture cards and foam letters that we played with last year. The words are simple c-v-c (consonant-vowel-consonant) words that Boogs can easily sound out and spell. He had fun spelling the words and then later matching up the rhyming words.

I am trying to get him to want to write more. His pencil control is very shaky. We have been doing mazes and connect-the-dot activities to help with this. We have also started making books again. He happily wrote the title to his latest book "My Book About Robots." I helped him with hand control on the word "robot" by tapping his hands to keep the letters smaller. He also wanted to write page numbers on each page. I am trying to find fun writing/fine motor control activities to get him interested and participating in writing.

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