Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boogs' Hair

I asked Boogs last week if he wanted to get a haircut or wait a little longer. His response, "Does my hair look like a mop?" When I answered no, he said, "Oh, then I will wait to get my hair cut until it looks like a mop." We went ahead and got it cut a couple of days later. Boogs' beautiful blonde hair is starting to change. Right now, he has about 6 brown hairs growing out of the hair swirl on the back of his head. I will be so sad when he looses all that blonde hair.  My father still has white-blonde hair. Boogs' dad told me his hair was white-blonde until he was about ten. I wonder what color his hair will eventually be.
You can just barely see a few dark hairs.

First haircut in big boy chair.

Ready for the hot summer.

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