Sunday, June 12, 2011

Boogs' Vocabulary

Boogs' vocabulary this past week has been unbelievable. He has correctly used harvest, dispense, plausible, sweltering, convenient, barricade, erupt, and plump, among others. I have been scribbling down what he has been saying because it is too cute. I think he has a better vocabulary than I do. He is an amazing 5-year-old. Boogs says so many things that I think I will remember at the time, but then later I don't. Here are some that I wrote down. 
"In Abbott and Costello, Costello is the short plump one, right?"
"Momma, come help me. My faucet will only dispense hot water."
"Momma, hurry up and put the air conditioner on. I am sweltering back here."
"I am going to put my army men behind the barricade so you can't see them."
"Will it be convenient to get a slushy from Sonic, now?"
"I would like to harvest more fennel and anise. They are yummy herbs."
"If we throw water down a volcano, thick smoke will erupt with the lava."
"Is it plausible that a bee could fly higher than a kite on a really big string?"

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