Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday afternoon

Boogs got home from his weekend with his grandparents around 1 pm. A good time was had by all parties, or so they tell me. It was such a gorgeous day that my husband, Boogs, and I decided to go play frisbee at the park. We ended up playing very little frisbee. Instead we hit the playscape, the trails, the sandbox a.k.a the volleyball court, and the swings. On the way home, Boogs suggested pizza for dinner. I said we could go into Randall's and grab a frozen pizza. From the back seat a little voice said, ", no, no. I meant GOOD pizza. Like the kind Daddy got me last time." We made a quick stop at Marco's pizza. After eating, it was practically bed time. Family time was a nice way to wrap up the weekend. 

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  1. Ha ha--our "sand box" in our neighborhood is the volleyball court too. :)