Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boogs Marches to His Own Beat

Went to a birthday party this weekend that had a pony ride and a petting zoo. When I told Boogs about the pony ride he insisted on wearing his "cowboy" hat to the party. We made the hat out of paper at our library story time last week. He also HAD to wear his shirt that says "Mom's Little Buckaroo" because that is the only cowboy shirt he has. I love that he's such a creative and imaginative little guy. I can't believe he kept the hat on for the petting zoo, pony ride, and for bouncing on the trampoline. He is such a cutie! This is birthday season for us with most of his friends turning 4 close to Boogs' birthday. So, in the last 6 weeks he has shown up at parties wearing a superhero cape, a construction vest, a mailman costume, a now a cowboy hat.

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