Saturday, August 4, 2018

Urban Air

Boogs had band practice on Friday until 10:45 am. We arranged to meet Z&E at Chick-fil-A at 11:15. I arrived at 11 to discover the Chick-fil-A was closed and under construction. Oops! Z&E stopped at a different location and ate in their car on the way to meet us. We were planning on having lunch and then going to Urban Air Indoor Trampoline Park. So I just met them at Urban Air.
Urban Air has so many different things to do. I thought it was just a trampoline place, but it is not! There are trampolines, tube playground, jousting with foam pad pit, ninja warrior course, climbing walls, a ropes course, trampoline dodge ball, and an air roller coaster.

 Boogs had no trouble conquering the climbing walls.

 He liked the ropes course but thought the one we went to last week at Typhoon Texas was better.
 Boogs thought the Sky Rider air coaster was a blast.

Boogs loved the ninja warrior course and ball pit. He probably spent three hours playing on the course.
 Sometimes it was hard to find him.
Man oh man did our kiddos get a workout at Urban Air. They were non-stop moving for 4.5 hours before we had to drag them out of there.

 Boogs spent the least amount of his time actually jumping on the trampolines.
All three kids had a great time. Boogs could have stayed for another four hours. Z&E were pretty tired by the time we left. I liked Urban Air. The good things: great variety of things for kids to do and areas to play, fun atmosphere, good supervision by staff, easy to find your kiddo, parents can pay $6 plus sock purchase to have a pass equal to their child's pass, and  the air conditioning was wonderful on a hot summer day. The drawbacks: it is expensive, it is very loud, there is not a lot of seating for adults to wait, the seating was awful - uncomfortable benches that were too narrow and picnic tables, and the food bar was pricey. The website says they reserve the right to limit your time for the ultimate pass to 2.5 hours. We happened to go on a day that was not very crowded an were able to stay until we felt like leaving. I would definitely take Boogs here again. They do have a summer passbook that is a reasonable price, but it is too late in the summer to make it worth purchasing now. Maybe next year.

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