Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cutesy the Elf 2016 Days 4, 5, 6

Boogs is enjoying Cutesy's visit this year. He keeps offering me suggestions for things Cutesy can do during this visit. I have a feeling this will most likely be Cutesy's last year with us. So, Cutesy better make it a good one.

On Sunday, Boogs awoke to find that Cutesy had set up a couple of chain reactions.
 Boogs thought they were pretty neat. He started each of the reactions and then played with the materials for at least an hour. We had fun video taping them in slow motion.
Cutesy also left a little packet of pictures and instructions for Boogs to use. It looks like he used ideas from Frugal Fun For Boys & Girls.

Oh no! Elfy came back on Monday. Elfy is a little elf that Cutesy tried to mentor a couple of years ago. Elfy likes to cause loads of mischief. It looked like Cutesy worked hard to decorate Boogs' bathroom. He left a little note, "I hope you like my decorations."
Elfy had a note and a black marker in his hand. Elfy's note said, "I hope you like my decorations too. Hee Hee." Elfy drew a big black spider on the toilet paper roll. Scary!
Elfy also Saran Wrapped the toilet and put a bug in it. Boogs said he jumped a little when he saw that bug. Boogs liked Cutesy's decorations but was "annoyed" with Elfy.
 On Tuesday morning, it looked like Cutesy gathered some friends to play Pin the Nose on Rudolph.
Cutesy had an interesting group with him. There was the Kirby balloon from Boogs' 9th birthday in 2015, the robot from his 3rd birthday, and he was wearing the Lego pinata mask from Boogs' 6th birthday. (I think I might secretly be a hoarder.)
We are excited every morning to see what nonsense and smiles Cutesy will bring. Do you have an elf visiting your house? Leave a comment with your link. I would love to see what Cutesy's elf cousins are doing at other people's houses. To see pictures of Cutesy's previous visits you can click HERE to go to his pinterest board.

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