Friday, December 16, 2016

Cutesy Elf 2016 Days 10 - 16

Cutesy has been a very busy little elf during the past week. On day 10, Cutesy and Elfy were playing tic-tac-toe with marshmallows. We could not tell who was winning. Boogs finished the game for them, making sure that Cutesy won. Then, Boogs ate the playing pieces after we decided the marks on them were made with edible marker.
Elfy was up to no good on Day 11. He trapped Cutesy under a cake dome. Cutesy made a special little cake for Boogs. Boogs thought the cake was tasty.
On day 12, Boogs woke up to discover that Cutesy had put balloons all over the Christmas tree. We had fun releasing the balloons and watching them fly around the living room.
Cutesy was sitting on the tree skirt with a bag of balloons and clothespins.
Cutesy brought a fun Christmas activity sheet on day 13. Boogs finished most of the activities before getting dressed for school that morning.
It took a long time to find Cutesy on Day 14. He was sitting in the fridge with a small pile of gift wrapped boxes. His note said, "I made you lunch. Enjoy!" Boogs was happy to take that lunch to school. He later told me that Cutesy makes better lunches than I do.
Boogs mentioned that Cutesy was being pretty tame and Elfy was not participating much. He wondered when the elves would get up to some mischief again. Purple Minion and Elfy decided to add some mischief to our morning on day 15. Cutesy brought a Fun Dip story book for Boogs.
Boogs noticed something weird when he picked up the Fun Dip story book. It felt really light. The front said there were 8 Fun Dip packages in the box. Boogs discovered that the box had been opened from the bottom. When he looked inside, he only found one package of Fun Dip. It did not take him long to check behind Purple Minion and Elfy to find the missing Fun Dip packages. Those two tried to sneak it away.
On Day 16, Cutesy and his friends were playing Skylander Monopoly by the fireplace.
When we looked closer, we noticed that Purple Minion was cheating. We are pretty sure he stole that money from the bank or from the other players.
Do you have an elf visiting your house? Leave a comment with your link. I would love to see what Cutesy's elf cousins are doing at other people's houses. To see pictures of Cutesy's previous visits you can click HERE to go to his pinterest board.

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