Saturday, December 31, 2016

Cutesy 2016 Days 17 - 24

Cutesy the Elf was very busy during the weeks leading up to Christmas Eve.
Cutetsy brought a candy cane and a water color book. He did not show up at the hotel we stayed in on the way to visit family in Canada. Boogs was very happy when Cutesy showed up the next morning.
Cutesy was sitting on top of Grandpapa's lamp with a ping pong ball shooter game.
We had a lot of fun playing with the ping pong balls and shooter this week. Cutesy found the directions for making the shooter HERE.
Cutesy brought a game called Mad Gab. You have to try and guess what something is based on what it sounds like. Sounded like fun, but was not all that great of a game.
Cutesy was all tangled up in a slinky one morning.
Cutesy was caught trying to eat all of the cereal Grandmaman had bought for Boogs.
When we used to go camping with Grandpapa and Grandmaman, GP always made mountain pies over the campfire. Mountain pies are kind of like grilled cheese sandwiches cooked over an open fire with two shovels together. Cutesy had the mountain pie maker, wood, kindling, and a lighter.
Boogs said goodbye to Cutesy before he went to bed on Christmas Eve. He told Cutesy he hopes to see him back again next year.
Cutesy left on Christmas Eve to head back to the North Pole. He left a final package for Boogs, a book about The Fantastic Beasts.

We will miss all of Cutesy's Christmas antics. Did you have an elf visiting your house? Leave a comment with your link. I would love to see what Cutesy's elf cousins are doing at other people's houses. To see pictures of Cutesy's previous visits you can click HERE to go to his pinterest board.

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