Friday, January 1, 2016

Gatineau Park Quebec Hike

We arrived in Canada on December 21st and it finally snowed on December 27th. We were so excited to see the snow. We wanted to get out and enjoy it. On December 28th, Grandpapa took us to the mountains at Gatineau Park in Quebec to go hiking.
Gatineau Park has some very good trails. They are well marked and well maintained.
Daddy and Boogs liked the view from the bridge.
The start of the trail led you into a winter wonderland.
It was only a matter of time before someone picked up a big stick. Daddy tried to use this entire tree for a stick battle.
 Then Daddy and Boogs started a snowball fight.
 Boogs was finding huge clumps of snow to throw.
 There was so much room to run, hide, and play on these trails.
It finally felt like winter. We were all bundled up and still a touch cold. It was only 21 degrees F. (-6 C)
Daddy kept trying to photo bomb Boogs when I wanted a picture of Boogs by this fallen down tree.
Ha, I finally got a pic without part of Daddy's body in it.
We went up a steep little part of the trail to this small cave. I love this 3 generation picture.
 GP and GM posed by themselves.
 Daddy and I had to pose, too. I call that my puffy coat sleeping bag. Yeah, I got teased a bit for my huge puffy parka coat.
 Look how rosy Boogs' cheeks were getting.
 Boogs and Daddy went off trail to tackle some more rugged areas of the park.
GM and GP stayed on the trails.
 GM and Boogs
 GP and Daddy
 Hmmm... I think GP and Daddy look a little bit alike.
This little snow covered tree was only as tall as my hand. So cute. Boogs called it a Charlie Brown tree.
I have no idea what these two goofy guys are doing. I think they were singing.
This area of Quebec is so beautiful. I could have stayed out hiking all day long.
Daddy called Boogs over to see something on ground.
When Boogs was trying to find what he was talking about, Daddy shook a snow covered branch right above Boogs' head.
Boogs thought it was hilarious but vowed to get revenge.
So, Daddy kept running ahead and "hiding" on the trial behind various trees.
It is so great that Boogs gets to have these kinds of adventures with his grandparents.

When we got near the parking lot, Daddy picked up Boogs and showed him what a "face wash" is.
 Poor Boogs!
On our way back to GP and GM's house, we stopped to take a look at the Rideau Falls in downtown Ottawa.
The last time I saw the falls, they were mostly frozen. The weather has not been cold enough yet to freeze the Falls or the Rideau Canal.

We had another great day of outdoor fun. We were so happy we got to play in the snow before we headed back to Texas.

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  1. Oh look at the snow! I'm so jealous! We rarely get snow any more and it is just so pretty.

  2. It's great that Boogs managed to spend one day in the snow with his grandparents. It's great to see Boogs and his dad off exploring together, although when mine would do that they'd usually have a trick up their sleeve when they returned. It looks like a magical place to explore. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  3. Looks like a lovely hike out. I love reading and seeing about goings on and countryside across the world. Must be great for Boogs to spend time with his grandparents.


  4. What a lovely place for a hike and I love all the snow - we hardly get any over here! Love the photo in front of the cave and the photo of Rideau Falls too - they look amazing.