Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas Day 2015

Boogs was excited for Christmas morning. The first thing he did when he got upstairs was to go check the eggnog and cookies he left out for Santa. The eggnog and cookies were mostly gone and Boogs found this little package with a goodbye note from Cutesy the Elf.
There was a thumb wrestling ring inside. Boogs challenged everybody to thumb wrestling battles.
Boogs volunteered to pass out the Christmas gifts.
Everyone waited patiently while Boogs separated and passed out the gifts.
Boogs received a new Skylanders game that only worked on a Wii U game system. Boogs has an old Wii system. Grandmaman said she might have made a mistake getting him a game for the Wii U. Boogs found a note attached to the bottom of his last gift. The note was written in Cutesy's handwriting. It said, "In case of a Skylander emergency, check the dryer."
Boogs raced downstairs to the basement to check the dryer. He found a package in the washing machine.
 Boogs carried the package upstairs and unwrapped it. It was a Wii U. He was thrilled.
 This gift got a big thumbs up!!!
Boogs was showing off the new Skylanders cards that came with his game. He ended up with two sets of the cards - one in English and one in French.
 Daddy and Boogs set up the new system and played a few games.
I didn't take very many pictures this day. Here is the only one I took of everyone together. This was after dinner while opening party poppers.
It was a nice quiet family Christmas.

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