Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of 4th Grade

I can't believe my baby boy is a big 4th Grader! This year, I am a three-quarter-time teacher instead of a half-time teacher. Boogs had to switch elementary schools because I am no longer able to drive him to his school and then make it to my school on time. Boogs is not thrilled about being at a new school without his friends or having to leave the house earlier in the mornings. It was still dark outside when I took his 1st day of school picture.
As is our tradition on the first day of school, I made Boogs a special lunch based on The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.
In the book, Chester's mother places a kiss on Chester's palm to help him remember his mother's love throughout his school night. Because Boogs is also starting a new school year, this year's lunch focused a little bit more on the new friends Chester Racoon would make at school (bunny crackers).
In the Laptop Lunchbox: Zbar tree trunk with okra chip canopy, teacher owl pick on tree branch, almond butter & honey mini-Chester sandwich, friendly bunny crackers, 4th grade marshmallow, salami & cheese heart, blackberries, strawberry hearts, salad with a red pepper heart, and friendly ladybug & bee picks.

Here is a collage of our previous year's first day of school Kissing Hand lunches:

On our drive to school, I asked Boogs how I could help make his day better. His response, "You can turn the car around and take me to my old school." Sorry, that is not a possibility. After school, he told me he had a pretty good day.

We have another first day of school tradition - going to the book store to pick out a new book. Boogs has complete choice on what book he wants. Look what he chose this year. Sigh. Captain Underpants. At least he is reading.
While we were at the book store, Boogs found these cool looking Minion goggle glasses. He is thinking that maybe he might want to be a Minion for Halloween. I want the year to slow down and Boogs wants it to speed up.
The picture I took this morning on the front porch in the dark was not very good. I had Boogs pose for one more picture on the front porch after school. He looks so different when he is completely awake. 
I am looking forward to Boogs becoming more comfortable at his new school. It was kind of nice to sneak a peek at him during the day.

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  1. Ben said he recommends the Desmond Puckett books if he likes Captain Underpants. They are very funny.

    1. We will have to look for those. Tell Ben thanks for the recommendation.