Monday, December 8, 2014

More Fun With Cutesy the Elf

Cutesy and Elfy have been busy the past couple of days. Boogs was not sure he liked some of Elfy's mischief.

Cutesy was reading Boogs' mystery book this morning. He had a magnifying glass to search for clues.
Cutesy and Elfy played with train tracks by the Christmas tree in Boogs' playroom.
Cutesy showed up with two gingerbread houses with a note that said, "I made a gingerbread house, now it is your turn."
 Boogs really liked Cutesy's little house. Boogs took a nibble to see if it was edible. It was!
Boogs blamed Elfy for this mischief. One of Boogs Christmas presents was opened.
Elfy and Cutesy were playing with the contraption set. They made ramps and were trying to knock each other down.
 Boogs was not sure he liked Elfy opening his present.
 He finished taking off the wrapping paper and liked what he saw.
 Boogs immediately started working on his own Contraption.
 We think Cutesy was a little homesick today. We found him with a couple of snowy photos. It looks like he tried to photo shop himself into the snowy scenes.

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